PerkTV – Make Money Watching Short Clips

Earning Potential ~ $10/month

What Is PerkTV?

PerkTv is an app that allows users to watch 1-3 minute videos on their smartphone in return for a few Perk points. The points you earn can be cashed in for tons of gift cards including Amazon and Walmart. The best part of the app, it’s almost completely passive! That’s right just hit play, and check in every once in awhile to make sure the videos are still playing.

How to make the most out of PerkTV

Obviously it doesn’t make sense to just have your phone running 24/7 with PerkTV, but it is a decent way to earn some easy money while you’re doing something else like watching tv or playing video games. PerkTV used to be a great way to earn completely passive income by using a farm, however they recently implemented captchas that put an end to the potential to make a ton of money.

Perk also allows multiple phones logged in on one account, and multiple accounts per household. That being said, having a few old smartphones, running videos is a great way to make your profits grow. 


Pros and Cons

Pros –

  • Easy and requires almost no effort
  • Tons of payout giftcard options
  • Perk is a reliable site that has been around for a while

Cons –

  • Not 100% passive
  • Requires a little bit of attention
  • Payout per video could be a bit higher


I’d say PerkTV is an OK app. One that is worth running while you’re doing other things, but still able to babysit to make sure the videos remain running. Sure the money isn’t enough to quit your day job but $10 a month is enough to balance out a Netflix subscription right? I’d say go ahead and throw PerkTV into your beermoney loop. Sign up for PerkTV with this referral link here, or non-ref here.

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